Last one, I promise!!

Here I am before the haircut. I am about 6 months old here. I'm standing next to Mum's miniature Rose Garden. if you look real close, you can see a little pink one. (Left picture, top right corner.)

Here I am after the "real" groomer. I am almost seven months old now. Mum had them take most of my "furnishings" off, because I HATE to be brushed! I guess she thinks that she'll teach me....humph!

And finally, here I am as a Scottie Speed Bump. I do this when I am moping, when nobody is paying attention to me. You can get a good idea of my nice brindle coloring from these photos. (And you can see where everybody wired the cupboard doors shut, because I kept trying to eat candles and other stuff from out of the cupboards! Mum even called Poison Control one night because of me!)

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Last updated 2/12/00