Our Story

We live in S.E. Michigan, USA, not too far from Detroit.  We are:  "Midget" (5 year old little Scottie girl), "Reagan" (1 year old little Scotty girl), and "Wisp" (8 year old Siamese kitty girl). Sadly, our brother Brimley went to be with God.  Oh, yeah -- and our Mumma lives here, too. (Tonya)

I (Midget) came to live here in March of 1999, as a small puppy.  Real small.  Hence my nickname.

Brimley was a Rescue through STCM, he came to live with us in December of 1999.  He lived here almost 3 years. You can see a tribute to him: Brimley @ RB 

Wisp was here first.  It is her house (or so she believes), she has been here since December 1995

Reagan came to live here in August 2003, and she thinks that *she* is the Princess. She is not! She smiles real nice for folks, though.

Anyway, here are some links for pictures of us, and stuff:

Midget         Reagan         Wisp             Mumma
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