The Scottie Stork has arrived!

On June 7, 2005, the stork delivered a beautiful daughter to Reagan (Maryscot Game Face On) and Chevy (CH Anstamm Like A Rock). She weighed 8 oz., and is glossy black. Ah, puppy breath!

Day 1, taken by Mary O'Neal. 

Day 2, also taken by Mary. 9+ oz. 

Day 3, I am up at Mary's, finally. 

Day 5 - I missed a day. This is so exciting! 


Day 7, and now we are home. 18 oz. today! 


Day 9 - she is getting cuter. And bigger. Just under 21 oz. 


Day 11 - she will be a shameless hussy, just like Auntie Midget. 23-1/2 oz. Wow! 


Day 12 - more photos of baby eating. 26 oz.!! 


Day 13 - eating and belly up. Reagan wants to know why the baby is getting all of the attention. 27 oz. 


Day 15 - Mom and Pup, just chillin'. 30 oz., and both eyes are now open! (Maybe not in these photos, however....) 


Reagan is so proud!