OK, are you guys getting sick of this yet?!

Here I am in my favorite position. I love belly scratches & rubs. It is also a trick of Scottish Terriers to fool other animals into thinking they are being submissive. Psych!! It is the perfect attack position against a larger animal!

These two are pictures of my "Mum" and "Puppa". Puppa is holding me away, because he found out that he is allergic to my saliva! HaHaHa -- boy can I get even with HIM for all kinds of stuff! (Mum, who is allergic to dogs, isn't even bothered a little tiny bit by me!! I can even kiss her face and it doesn't bother her!) Keep this in mind, in case you are allergic to dogs. Terriers are often hypo-allergenic.

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Last updated 2/12/00